Batavia Made

The city of Batavia, Illinois—nestled in the West suburbs of Chicago, was the first founding city of its county in 1833. While the town has a deep and rich historic past, its visual identity lacked all character and was overshadowed by the local high school mascot.

Having grown up here, to me being from Batavia means more than defining yourself by a dot on a map or a high school mascot—It's a piece of who we are. By living here, we’ve inherited a spirit of energy and a heritage of hard work that fortifies us as individuals.

After digging through troves of historical archives, I took it upon myself to create a brand and identity which brings to life the town's vibrant past. This is a tribute to our little town in the big woods, one that was forged on the Fox and emerged as the city of energy. As residents that call this place our home, we are the continuation  that defines this town. We are—Batavia Made.

Personal Passion Project
Design, concept, writing
Southwest Airlines